About The
Workshop Lab

The Workshop Lab delivers industry-leading workshops that give staff the skills they need to succeed. We help you build thriving teams and productive workplaces.

Every workshop is tailored to match the unique needs of your organisation.


A catalyst for change

At The Workshop Lab, we’re driven by research and we’re passionate about people. We bring together science and humanity to create chemistry between people.

We build connections and facilitate knowledge. We teach employees the skills they need to care for themselves and each other.

This process sets off a chain reaction, improving productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention.

Our training philosophy

The wellbeing of employees significantly impacts business success.

To ignite real change in an organisation, people must work together. That’s why interactive workshops continue to be a highly effective training method. We use engagement, education and science to power positive change.


All of our training is designed around adult learning principles. Adult learners bring past knowledge and experience to the current learning environment. We create opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding by connecting past experiences with new learnings.

Our workshops are interactive, engaging, goal focused, relevant and practical. Employees walk away with skills that can be applied immediately.


The human brain is not a hard drive. It can’t be expected to recall every detail downloaded into it. To help participants remember the most important takeaways, we anchor our workshops on no more than three key messages.

When combined with appealing design, take-home workbooks and a variety of tips and tactics, the result is an easily digestible learning experience.


We gather insights from leading global research institutes to ensure our workshops are based on the latest information. We work with experts in fields such as organisational psychology, positive psychology and neuroscience.

This best-practice approach ensures every training is highly relevant, with tools and tactics that make a real impact in modern Australian workplaces.

What do neuroscience and
positive psychology have to
do with productivity?

Neuroscience involves studying the brain and its impact on behaviour and cognitive function. Positive psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how they affect our enjoyment of life.

Using the latest research from both fields, we develop science-based approaches that promote happiness, compassion, gratitude, resilience, hope, self-esteem and life satisfaction. This is the science of self-care.

When employees learn to cultivate these traits, increased productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction follow.

Expert facilitators to foster change

Our workshops are designed by qualified professionals at The Workshop Lab and delivered by subject matter experts, including organisational psychologists, organisational experts and health and wellbeing practitioners.

Every one of our presenters has a thirst for knowledge. They keep up-to-date with the latest research and how it can be applied in a workplace setting.

They also have a passion for facilitation. Their role isn’t to simply give a presentation—it’s to engage attendees in a safe, supportive learning environment. When employees are guided through productive discussions about challenging issues, real change starts to happen.

We work with the best and brightest minds. Our national network of qualified facilitators is available to deliver workshops anywhere in Australia.

Is your business an
Acacia EAP client?

The Workshop Lab is proud to be part of the Acacia Connection Group. Acacia is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider that supports employees of over 1500 organisations.

When an Acacia client books our workshops, Acacia provides us with your EAP reporting. These reports provide data and insights into what your employees are struggling with, allowing us to target our training specifically to your organisation’s current needs.

This capability is unique to The Workshop Lab and allows businesses to track results through future EAP reports.

Lee-Anne Nichols, CEO and founder

Lee-Anne Nichols is the founder and CEO of The Workshop Lab. She combines her experience in behavioural neuroscience, positive psychology and learning design to bring together engaging, research based training experiences for employees and their leaders.

Lee-Anne has a genuine passion for people. This passion led her to create a workplace training solution that minimises the human cost of the work employees do.

She is proud to lead a highly experienced and diverse team that facilitates real change, increasing productivity and mental health in workplaces across Australia.