Is bullying and harassment a thing of the past?

According to recent research by leading global HR expert Dr Lindsay McMillan, Half of Australian workers have experienced one or more serious incidences of conflict or negative impacts at work including verbal abuse or bullying.

Given this statistic, it hardly surprising that 14% of Australians are experiencing mental or physical decline as a direct result of their work. In addition, one in three employees are reporting experiencing high levels of stress either often or always.

These results tell us that Australian workplaces need to do a little more work on keeping workplace relationships healthy. It is important to note that hostility can come from internal or external sources. Employees constantly in the firing line of aggressive customers or clients are at serious risk of pulling the pin if healthy boundaries are not put in place.

The good news is you can do a great deal to stop the rot from creeping into your organisational culture that you have worked so hard on creating. The four principles to keep workplace relationships healthy are engagement, development, inclusion and life enhancement.

The Workshop Lab offers interactive and engaging Bullying & Harassment Workshops.

Our workshops are run in conjunction with Evolve Workplaces, leading Australian workplace mediation and investigation specialists. Our presenters are experts in this field and can tackle all of the tough questions.

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