The Learning Environment

It’s not just getting into the right head space that matters, it is also just as important to get the physical space right for a successful training session. Creating the right learning environment allows for clear, uninterrupted thinking free form distractions and interruptions. When participants feel comfortable in an environment they are much more likely to share their thoughts, come up with creative solutions and absorb important information.

Our Top 5 Tips:

1.The Room: A quiet, comfortable training room free from distractions and annoying interruptions is essential. Ensure you set the room up so everyone has a direct line of sight with everyone in the room. We recommend boardroom style or U-shape.

2.Comfort Levels: Ensure plenty of comfortable seating, well-positioned writing desks and lots of natural light where possible. Also, ensure the temperature is set to a good level which is comfortable but doesn’t put everyone to sleep. Research tells us that the ideal temperature for a ‘typical’ working environment is around 22 degrees.

3.Tech Savvy: Technology is a wonderful thing… when it works. Allow plenty of time for your facilitator to access the training room and have a practice run with the AV equipment. This is not a last-minute job so allow enough time for trouble shooting any issues that might crop up.

4.Stationery Stock Up: It’s a well-known fact that taking good notes helps us to commit information to memory and learn better. Stock up on note pads, lots of colourful pens, sticky notes etc.

5.Music: The right music gives people thinking time, breaks any awkward silence and helps promote a creativity. Put together a good play list fit for purpose. The Workshop Lab has a great playlist on Spotify purpose-build for a great learning session.

Contact us for more advice and helpful tips on creating a great learning environment.

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