The Top Causes of Stress in Australia

So what exactly is causing us to be so stressed out? Here at the Workshop Lab we set out on a mission to uncover the truth behind the reason for our stress. It didn’t take us too long to find some interesting facts. According to research conducted by the Australian Psychological Society, the top five causes of stress in Australia are:

Personal finances – 49%
Family issues – 45 %
Personal health – 44%
Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle – 40%
Issues with the health of others close to us – 38%
In order to reduce this stress, we are turning to these popular stress reduction strategies:

Watching television/ movies – 85 %
Focusing on the positives – 81%
Spending time with friends and/ or family – 81%
Listening to music – 80%
Reading – 75%
Managing stress in the workplace is a growing concern for employers. The Workshop Lab’s Stress Management Workshop is a great option for uncovering the impact of stress and learning how to manage it in a sustainable way.

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